Friday, January 26, 2007

Silver Orchid

My path to a finished piece of jewellery varies greatly - sometimes a design springs to mind fully formed, and I have only to work through the task of making it up, and (more often) components and ideas sit and age for awhile, periodically plucked from the shelf and mulled over, set back to simmer some more, until the day it becomes blindingly obvious what they were meant for all along. One of my favorite pasttimes, particularly when quiet bench time is unavailable, is to pull out the spool of fine silver and a crochet hook or pair of knitting needles, and play with forms - sometimes mathematical ideas like the mobius, and sometimes patterns and motifs borrowed from the world of textiles. A few months back, I was playing around with hyperbolic planes in crochet. The squirmy little bundle of ruffles had obvious potential, but just wouldn't settle into a form I was happy with, so I set it aside. I pulled it out again the other day, flipping it this way and that, when suddenly it folded tidily back into itself, becoming a lovely little orchid.

A luminous strand of graduated purple fluorite completed the transformation.

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