Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pearls and Pixels

Yesterday, I spent several blissful hours wandering the winding paths of visceral intuition toward a harmonious setting for a large and lavishly layered silver flower. And today, a less blissful but similar expanse of time creating a photographic record to do it justice, helped to some degree by the plodding process of actually reading the camera manual and recording the settings.I was slightly crestfallen to discover the obvious - that a blog's limited file size means there is effectively very little difference between my old and new cameras when displaying the entire piece of jewellery. Also that crocheted silver is not magically rendered easier to photograph by more megapixels, particularly when the sparkle of its highly detailed surface is juxtaposed with richly coloured pearls.

Those extra pixels do, however, count for something in the close-ups.

It is also much easier to play with depth of field.

The necklace is now for sale, though not yet up on the website - email me at for details.

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