Saturday, January 07, 2006

About time I posted again - I need to get into a better rhythm as the craziness of Christmas recedes. First - the new work: I'm very pleased with the pearls and lace bracelet - I used very fine needles and fine gauge pure silver and hand knitted a lovely traditional openwork lace pattern. It took me a while to decide how best to showcase the lace - finally I pulled out one of my nicest strands of pearls - and it was perfect - Victorian and feminine, but not at all fussy. The double clasp keeps the cuff from twisting, but allows it to be sized as needed. The pearl weave bracelet didn't hang around for long, but I have a piece in a similar style ready to go that is entirely encrusted with tiny faceted gems of apatite and aquamarine. It is just gorgeous, and I went all out and crafted an equally opulent pair of earrings to coordinate. They should be up on the site by Sunday evening. Newly arrived: a AA strand of wonderful faceted black spinel - earmarked for a fabulous "black and silver" openwork chain necklace - I'll start work on that this weekend.

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