Friday, December 16, 2005

Lots of new stuff!!

My goodness, the Christmas season gets crazy! I put the finishing touches on a whole bunch of "works in progress" and they are up on my site now. First - at long last - the Winter necklace. I think I will need a few weeks of therapy on my hands and wrists to recover from closing all those titanium rings, but it is awfully pretty. Secondly - a treat just for me - the Gold on Ice cuff bracelet and earrings - these went with a gorgeous chocolate brown stretch velvet dress for the big Christmas party last week. I'm VERY pleased with how they turned out - definitely won't be the last bracelet I make along those lines. And last but not least, the Soul Path pendant - the first piece to use part of that special (and pricey) strand of kyanite briolettes I've been hoarding. I adore kyanite - its deep luminous blue rivals that of sapphire for sheer beauty. (The drawback, of course is that it is a fair bit softer than sapphire, so not suitable for rings and hard knocks, but used judiciously and treated kindly, it makes sensational jewelry.)

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