Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stayed home today because my little guy is still sick - and since he's presently sleeping on my lap, this seems like an opportune time to blog. The winter necklace is about 30% done - I can only do small sections at a time because the titanium is so stiff - very hard on the hands and wrists. The focal beads should arrive about the time I finish the chain - I think it's going to be gorgeous. Finally made up my mind what to make to coordinate with my luscious Christmas party dress - it's going to be a fine / sterling silver knitted cuff with a scattering of yellow and rose gold vermeil beads - I ordered them today - they are very unusual handcrafted irregular droplet shapes. Yum! I'll post it when it's finished if someone would like a similar custom design - it's not a design that's adjustable after the fact, so it would have to be custom made to fit.

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