Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Fever

Spring has come at last to the prairies, and with it that sense of buoyancy and joy that prompts one to cast off the itchy wool socks and let those feet breathe! My new collection of ankle bracelets is finally up, with more to come. One of my favorite things about anklets is that charms dangle so much more gracefully than they do from bracelets, where they flop back and forth and always seem to get in the way. Is anything more sexy than that discreet droplet of color at the ankle, or the subtle flash of silver swaying with every step? Because they are so far from the face, you can also indulge in any color that strikes your fancy, no matter what your skin tone. Other projects in the works include a line of jewelry named Simply Silver. This will be all sterling silver, with a theme of mindfulness and simplicity flowing out of my personal journey. I have some gorgeous pastel Umba sapphires begging for attention, and an unusual strand of multicolored prehnite in luscious icy greens and yellows. I feel some more of those ethereal knitted leaves coming on too, in honor of the buds about to burst open.

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