Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tsavorite Garnet

There is so much more to garnets than the commonly known dark red form. I have begun to collect some gorgeous examples - premium shaded green Tsavorite is illustrated here, paired with rainbow moonstone. Here's the entry from my own Materials Index: Garnet: Refers to a group of silicate minerals with similar crystal structures. Types: Almandine and pyrope types blend to form the common dark red garnet. May be dye enhanced. Spessartite - somewhat rare - the most valuable types are a bright orange red. Grossular - light to medium tone, found in every color except blue Hessonite - an orange to pinkish orange variety of grossular Tsavorite - deep chromium green variety of grossular Hydrogrossular - translucent to opaque, commonly blue-green, used as a jade substitute. Uvarovite - rarest of the garnet family - a dark rich green. Andradite - one of the rarest garnets - dematoid is the highly sought after green variety Hardness: 6.5-7.5 Care: Generally sturdy and trouble free - normal gemstone care.

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