Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Soon To Be Live!!

With any luck, today will be the big day! Maureen at A Wild Thyme Web Design has been working her little fingers to the bone to get things ready - I really can't say enough good about her professionalism and dedication. While we're waiting, though - here's another of last week's projects - the Ruby Moon necklace. This is one of those pieces where the singing quality of the name suggested the design. It features one of a lovely strand of ruby drops I just couldn't pass up, along with some grade A faceted tourmaline. Quality really does count in tourmaline - although these are tiny, they have incredible sparkle and light play. This piece manages to be delicately feminine and just a wee bit funky at the same time - the brushed sterling silver moon was hand-fabricated. I love the possibilities inherent in creating my own metalwork.

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